Letter of thanks of Bloc 8406
to Deputy Loretta Sanchez of The USA

Viet Nam, 10th Oct 2006

Honorable Deputy Loretta Sanchez,

We are very grateful to you for your speech on the Viet Nam Democracy Movement at The House of Representatives of the USA on 28th September 2006 and for what you have done to urge President Bush to convey your message to the Government of Viet Nam during his travel to Viet Nam in November for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference :

“The U.S. supports the people of the Bloc 8406 Democracy Movement who are working toward a Free and Democratic Viet Nam, and strongly objects to any mistreatment of them.”

On this opportunity, we would like to express our gratitude to you and your coleagues for the accurate assessment of the current situation of human rights in Viet Nam.

Bloc 8406 will never forget what you have done to support us and will try our best to continue our fight for Freedom and Democracy in Viet Nam.

We wish you have good health and success.

May God bless and keep you in peace.

Sincerely Yours, Interim Representatives of Bloc 8406
(consisting of many tens of thousands of Domestic
& Overseas Peaceful Democratic Fighters):

Do Nam Hai, Engineer, Sai Gon.
Tran Anh Kim, Former Army Officer, Thai Binh.
Nguyen Van Ly, Catholic Priest, Hue.